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With the addition of The Horizon Plaza, the Newark Museum is better than before

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When you go to Downtown Newark, you will hear the sounds of traffic moving swiftly on the roads. Businessmen and businesswomen, dressed in suits, also walk expediently to their destinations. There is no doubt that Newark is a fast paced city. Even though the streets of Newark are always busy, there are hideaways where one can relax. At Washington Park and Military Park, you can sit at a table with an umbrella and have a quiet lunch. If you want to go to a park in Downtown Newark that will make you feel like you are no longer in the city, you can visit the Newark Museum Garden, a place where you can see trees and listen to the birds chirping. When you see the Lyons Farm Schoolhouse at the Newark Museum Garden, you will feel like you are taking a journey to the past when Newark was not a city but an unspoiled countryside.

Now there is another site to escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, the Horizon Plaza, which is located across the entrance of the Newark Museum. At the Horizon Plaza, you will see flowers, trees and shrubs. You can sit on a bench and unwind. You will also see sculptures created by renowned sculptor, Allan McCollem, which are eye-catching. There are also three signs that explain the rich history of Newark. One sign tells us the story of the Polhemus Family. You will explore the world of Victorian architecture when you read the sign about the Italianate Town House. Most Newarkers will be more familiar with the Newark and Washington Park sign that helps us learn how Newark changed in the 19th century.

The Horizon Plaza is an example of how the City of Newark continues to improve and serves the needs of the public. In a bustling city, we can certainly use another quiet spot to rest.