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With friends like this: Part II

Law-Abiding Citizens open carrying at the Virginia General Assembly
Law-Abiding Citizens open carrying at the Virginia General Assembly
John Pierce


  • Profile picture of Grapeshot
    Grapeshot 5 years ago

    I'm reminded of the old saw: "With friends like that, who needs enemies."

    OC is a non-event day in and day out across much of the country. It is that which upsets the nay-sayers - nobody likes to be wrong, but Mr, Cramer IS wrong. Guess that gives him indigestion - oh well.

  • Carl Bussjaeger 5 years ago

    Cramer has achieved a dubious "first": The first gun owner I've known of to actually confuse firearms with genitals. Usually it's confused and troubled antis making that mistake. Despite some of Cramer's good work, I guess he qualifies as anti now. I'd hoped he'd learn after the last time he got his knickers in a twist over OC.

    Poor guy really should avoid New Hampshire; he'd risk paranoia-induced heart failure at the sight of all the open carry. Heck, I usually open carry, and only two people have ever questioned it. One was a gentlemen who wasn't disturbed by it, but simply wondered why I bothered. The other was a young boy who wondered why I had a "gun in your pocket" (small dark belt holster, dark slacks; to him it looked like the handgun was in my pocket). But neither he nor his mother expressed any worry about it.

    I know of a case when a man entered a local store wearing a holster. An employee noticed, and polite inquired if the man realized his holster was _empty_. The guy said he was new to NH and left his gun in his car because he thought people might be bothered by it. The employee informed him that he's in _New Hampshire_, not Massachusetts, and the sight of inanimate tools won't scare us.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Open Carry Advocate is a much better term than Open Carrier.

    "Carrier" is most often used to describe someone with an infectious disease who transmits it to people he comes into contact with.

  • HerbM 5 years ago

    Every single argument against open carry is precisely equivalent to, and using identical as well, the false arguments against concealed carry and the same false arguments against even owning a firearm in the home.

    There is not a single one that is supported by the facts.

    Let's see: criminals will take your guns, you will use them irresponsibly, it upsets the people (sheeple), you don't have the right to make other people feel afraid, guns are bad, guns are only for killing. whatever.

    Pick an argument against open carry and it has been used against ownership and concealed carry, but has already been debunked as fallacious.

    There is no evidence against open carry IN GENERAL. (This is not the same thing as saying that in some person specific tactical situations OC is not a good as CC, or vice versa. Cops both open and conceal every day -- sometimes each works out well, sometimes each fails miserably.

    But in general there no clear evidence against either.

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