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With friends like the United States....Hamas is bigger threat than before

The Obama administration was angered by the reaction of the Israeli press and government to Secretary of State Kerry’s draft proposal for a cease fire. The document was described by Haaretz, Israel’s leading liberal newspaper, as one that may have been written by Hamas. The terms feature billions of dollars in donations for Hamas, permission for Hamas to maintain its stockpile of rockets, permission for Hamas to keep the tunnels that it burrowed into Israeli territory, and permission for it to have heavy weapons.

The proposal was not only condemned by Israel, but also by the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Most of those countries are hardly allies of Israel, and yet they recognize the deal’s weakness and the threat that Hamas also poses to them.

The proposed ceased fire deal does not seem to be the way that any country should support its nearest and dearest ally in a region. The US lauds its special relationship with the State of Israel. The feeling is quite mutual. On his show, Dennis Prager reminded listeners that of all the countries in the world, only does Philippines have a more positive image of America than Israel.

Why is the United States bending over backward to so strongly bolster an organization that it has identified as terrorists? Why is the administration countering the will of both houses of Congress, which only in the last two weeks passed unanimous resolutions of support for the Jewish State? After leaving Iraq, supposedly because it was prepared for its own defense against enemy forces, why does the United States now consign Israel to deal perpetually with that same evil force, Islamism.

Islamism is a vile entity. It is embodied by several organizations known to the American people. These include Boku Haram in Nigeria, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and Hamas, the Palestinian face of the Moslem Brotherhood. The Islamists not only want the promotion of Shariah law, and the diminishing of women’s rights, but the absolute subjugation of Christians and Jews. Hamas makes no bones about it. It wants every Israeli Jew dead. Hamas wants a one state solution, a united Palestine that is Judenrein.

Why does Kerry support such a group? After the United States fought alongside the mujahedeen and the Taliban as they opposed the Soviets in Afghanistan, the Taliban turned on the US. Under the leadership of Osama bin Ladin, it destroyed the World Trade Towers. Does Kerry truly expect Hamas to give up their murderous means and its regular denouncing of the United States?

There has been a huge upsurge of anti-Semitic acts in Europe and the United States. There have been reports of attacks on synagogues in France that gained much attention. Might the Obama administration be gently siding with hoodlums who have no respect for religious tolerance?

Is Kerry truly seeking moral equivalence? Can he not distinguish between the Hamas’ aim of annihilating Israel and Israel’s determination to preserve itself in the face of adversity? Is not any sovereign state duty bound to protect itself against an unbridled enemy?

There is no doubt of the imbalance in the two sides’ capabilities. That imbalance, however, does not permit terrorists to launch thousands of rockets against civilian targets. Recently some sources indicate that the Netanyahu government knew about the tunnels months in advance. So what? Until they and the rockets were used actively, they were a threat, but not an imminent danger. With the Hamas concerted effort to harm civilians, the stakes changed, and Israel was forced to ante up. My son, then a sergeant in the IDF, wrote about experiences in Gaza during the second intifada. He described the effort of he and fellow troops to protect locals. Despite that, he wrote, war by definition is ugly.

It is bad enough when the evening news matches contrived scenes of Gazans wailing to those of Israelis flocking on Mediterranean beaches. Viewers might fall for such misuse of their emotions, but the government must know better!

Hamas claims are taken as absolute truth by media without necessary fact checking that is so basic in most journalism. Videos were broadcast two nights ago of a Gazan clad in a green shirt shot dead by a sniper. The camera showed the body in the morgue and later as it was paraded before his mother and sisters on a final trip to the grave. The reporter asserted that it was an Israeli sniper who shot the man. That the man was shot, apparently in cold blood, remains tragic. The assertion that he was shot by Israeli fire remains as of this writing to be pure conjecture.

Hamas often lies and presents its own actions as Israeli atrocities. Yesterday it was learned that at least one, if not two UN schools that Israel was charged with bombing, were in fact destroyed by Hamas. Similarly, last week, Honest Reporting showed that a hospital that Israel was accused of destroying, had actually been felled by Hamas weapons stored within. Israel had landed only one shell in the building when the edifice exploded. The weapon was insufficient for the destruction that ensued.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry may have their hearts in the right place. They like every moral citizen of our planet wants peace. The price that the US administration seems prepared to pay is too great; it is the sacrifice of Israel. Readers are urged to reach out to the president, the State Department and their members of Congress to stop this uncalled for breach of trust with our Israeli allies.

Together with Secretary Kerry and President Obama every caring American should want peace between Israel and Hamas. The cease fire should have one central condition, the cessation of all attacks on Israel’s civilians. In return Israel will again fully withdraw from the Gaza Strip and leave Hamas to its own devices.

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