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Witchburn set to bathe Boise in blood, with Wild Throne and Ape Machine

It has been a long wait but Seattle’s Witchburn is finally unleashing its sophomore CD, “Bathed in Blood”. Marking the occasion, the band debuted the album’s first video for the track “Der Hexenhammer”. Directed by Jeff Ferrell (Ghost Light), the video takes us through the sacrificial and slaughterous history of those accused of practicing witchcraft in centuries past. “Der Hexenhammer” debuted on last week and immediately snagged video of the week honors at

Jp Farquar
Mike Savoia

The quartet will be making a rare Boise appearance at The Shredder on July 1, alongside Wild Throne and Ape Machine. Tickets are on sale now.

Witchburn is perhaps the best unsigned band in America. I say perhaps, only because I have not heard them all. However, four years since I first laid ears on their broody, down-tuned Black Sabbath-esque vibe, I have yet to change that opinion. They are, in fact, not just among the best unsigned, but better than many of the signed acts that cross my path on an endless basis. Yes, they are that impressive.

Whether it is the dark and moving riffs penned by founder and guitarist Mischa Kianne, or the edgy and impassioned vocals of Jamie Nova; who channels her emotions like a sonic battering ram, tattooing the listener’s soul, these two extraordinary talents are simply magical together. On the other side of the spectrum, drummer Dana Sims and bassist Jacy Peckham lay down a thunderous and groove steeped foundation on which the ladies build their metal machinations. Yin and Yang, testosterone and estrogen, rumble and radiance, Witchburn balance each unique talent of the band to create a dynamic and unforgettable whole. Kianne and Nova also made our Top 25 Women of Hard Rock and Metal list for 2012.

Two years after legendary producer Jack Endino (High on Fire, Soundgarden, Nirvana) helmed the band’s debut album, “How We Slay Our Demons”, the quartet has once again collaborated with the master on what should prove to be mammoth sophomore effort. The band talked about how that relationship began:

“We all met each other when we did a show together and Jack just ended up really liking the band. We started talking about recording together that night. He was just really excited about it. He was like ‘I could record the shit out of you guys.’ So we went in and did the first record with him and we all loved working with him, obviously. He’s Jack. He’s a mad scientist. So when we were getting ready to record the second record it was actually a huge compliment that he was emailing us saying ‘Hey when are you going to be ready to do the next record. I’m so ready to record the four-piece, Witchburn.’ He was telling us he was going to do the record before we even asked him.” (laughs)

The artwork for the new record was created by J.P. Farquar: “He’s done a really amazing piece for the album cover. This guy is incredible,” touted Jamie. “He’s just an amazing artist and a really, really dear friend of ours.”

While fans have waited long and patiently for “Bathed in Blood” they can rejoice knowing that Witchburn is already writing for their third effort!

You can check out our full interview with Witchburn here and discover the best band you have been missing out on.

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