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Witchburn check in from the road, Bathed in Blood and libidinous ladybugs

Seattle’s Witchburn was born in 2006 as the longtime passion of guitarist, violinist and principal riff writer, Mischa Kianne. She wasted no time in surrounding herself with like-minded souls in the form of vocalist Jamie Nova, drummer Dana Sims, and bassist Jacy Peckham. The quartet churns out some of the best down-tuned, metal sludgery this side of Black Sabbath and Crowbar. The band is currently on a mini-tour of the Pacific Northwest and Mountain states in support of its sophomore album, Bathed in Blood, with plans to do shows with Crowbar, Prong and All Hail the Yeti later this summer. Witchburn has just released the first video for the track “Der Hexenhammer” which can be viewed here.

Witchburn live at Boise Shredder July 1, 2014
Katarzyna Cepek
Witchburn Boise Shredder July 2014
Katarzyna Cepek

Kianne bleeds her soul through dark and moving riffs while Nova, with her edgy and impassioned vocals, channels her emotions like a sonic battering ram, tattooing the listener’s soul. These two extraordinary talents are simply magical together. On the other side of the spectrum, Sims and Peckham hammer down a thunderous and groove-steeped foundation on which the ladies build their metal machinations. Yin and Yang, testosterone and estrogen, rumble and radiance, Witchburn balance each unique talent of the band to create a dynamic and unforgettable whole.

Witchburn’s lyrical content is intelligent, accessible, and relatable. They have all been through the school of hard knocks and are willing to share their experiences with their audience. They are 100% animal instinct and driving passion–you can feel it in the music and the visceral experience they bring to the stage.

Two years after legendary producer Jack Endino (High on Fire, Soundgarden, Nirvana) helmed the band’s debut album, This is How We Slay Our Demons, the quartet has once again collaborated with the master on what is a mammoth sophomore effort. After a soft release of the album last summer, Witchburn unleashed the full release of Bathed in Blood this spring. The record continues the band’s evolution of down-tuned, sludgy groove, and riveting melodies.

The band took time out to chat with Metalholic about the new record, the new video, and general nonsense. Special thanks to Jacy Peckham who had to endure the lusty attack of a libidinous ladybug in the making of this video.

You can also check out Kianne and Nova on our Top 25 Women of Hard Rock and Metal list for 2012, and catch the band’s December 2012 interview here.

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