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Witch Hazel soap from a wild soap bar: Review

Witch Hazel soap from a wild soap bar
Witch Hazel soap from a wild soap bar

A wild soap bar, LLC has a new product in their line of organic soaps. It's called Witch Hazel Soap and smells divine!

The bar itself is aesthetically pleasing, as are all their natural soaps. The lower portion of the bar conforms to the rectangular-shaped box which houses it and the upper portion seems to have been broken off or bitten, somewhere along the way. The bars are beautiful, really.

The Witch Hazel Soap bar is pleasantly odoriferous. It is comprised of lavender and mint aromas, along with witch hazel distillate, organic aloe and organic oats. We could not discern individual essence's, sans the witch hazel. But, we like how well the aromas meld and work together.

The Witch Hazel Soap bar weighs 3.5 ounces and retails for $6.50. It may be purchased on the a wild soap bar web site. Witch Hazel has been used for many years to soothe rashes, relieve itch, reduce inflammation and to lessen redness and swelling.

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