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WishNow Designs energizes Fashion Week Las Vegas

Day four of the fourth season of Fashion Week Las Vegas started off as fashion shows typically do: with a stately procession of models walking down the runway. The first show was quite short: a reprise of seven of the luxuriously patterned and textured outfits that had won Alpaca Couture the the Designer of the Year title for the event. It was followed by other designers, whose elegant gowns brought favorable comment from the crowd, but hours into the evening enthusiasm was hard to maintain after two half-hour-plus shows in a row. Stately processions, however interesting and beautiful the clothes, can become nearly soporific.

Model Veronica for WishNow Designs
by author
Designer Victoria Roberts of WishNow Designs with model Cebrena
by author

What the place needed was a shot of adrenaline. Fortunately it was provided by Victoria Roberts, designer for WishNow Designs in San Diego. Victoria felt no need to send her playful, whimsical dresses down the runway for yet another stately display. Vlothes are to be celebrated, not just worn and admired. Her models came out prancing, flirting, dancing, and inviting the crowd to sit up, take notice and cheer. It was memorable, not only for the fun, costume-inspired creations, but for the energy of the presentation. The show followed the example of Betsey Johnson, whose shows are always more a party than a “fashion show”.

After her presentation was over, Victoria said that Betsey was one of her favorite designers, although she had not personally been to one of her shows. Her other major influence was Disney World, where she also worked in the costume design department, learning their secrets and reinforcing her belief that clothing should be fun, not just “stylish”. Her clothes can be individually tailored to the personality of a client, and are typically aimed at the late teen, early 20s market.

The slide show accompanying this article shows the models on the runway in WishNow creations, and although still photographs can do justice to the feel of the presentation, you can get a hint that it wasn't “just another runway show”, it was an event to be remembered.