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Wisdom Tree's Super 3D Noah's Ark to be Re-Released on SNES

Photo included in press release.
Photo included in press release.

The Wisdom Tree game Super 3D Noah's Ark, originally released for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console in 1994, has now been re-released 20 years later. This is no remake, sequel, or "original game on a new platform" sort of relaunch, either -- just as with the 1990's version, this is a complete-in-box set that includes an instruction manual and cartridge, spearheaded by an original Wisdom Tree staff member.

This unusual event comes after a notorious history for this particular title. Wisdom Tree itself was an unlicensed developer of video game cartridges, and among the only companies who managed to create games that worked around the lock-out chip on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. In fact, Super 3D Noah's Ark was the only unlicensed game ever released for Nintendo's 16-bit successor console.

Wisdom Tree was born from the ashes of Color Dreams, when some of the original staff had the idea to create and market Bible-themed adventures. The thinking was that Nintendo would be reluctant to take legal action against such a family-friendly operation for fear of public backlash; and, to some extent, their strategy was successful, as the small outfit was able to avoid the sort of lawsuit that rival company Tengen saw back in the day.

Wisdom Tree has long since distanced their self from Color Dreams, though, and still operates selling Christian software on their website to this day. However, this re-release of Super 3D Noah's Ark does not yet appear on the site, and has apparently only been made available through private orders via email, as explained in a press released circulated recently. The given price $65.00, in addition to $7.00 shipping and handling.

The press release ends with an intriguing statement: "Coming soon …. Remake of games for SNES, Bible Buffet Quiz Book and more."


Eric Bailey blogs at, where he is reviewing every American-released NES video game. He also serves as Editor-In-Chief of retro gaming features site, and can be followed on Twitter @Nintendo_Legend.

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