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Wisdom’s Road: The inner channel of awareness

Sunset looming colors vibrant emotions
Sunset looming colors vibrant emotions

The following is an example of a deep meditation that builds one thought upon the other. It contains questions and their answers. It is a basic Kabbalistic inquiry. You can have this same conversation or something similar within. The process will no doubt be enlightening. So it begins…

Inner Reflections

I come to you from the inner planes where understanding is like a river that flows and wisdom is a ladder with many rungs of achievement. What is it this world needs the most?

It is the truth that is the link between wisdom and understanding.

What does this world lack?

It is the integrity of its leaders. They are all sadly suspect. The good of the people is never foremost in their minds. What is expedient for their own gains marshals their thoughts.

How can we effect a change and make things better?

The answer lies within each of you. You are after all a good people. For too long you have let yourselves be dictated to by inferior forces. The time is now to awaken into the light of your own power; the power to do good.

How do we begin?

We start with promoting good wherever we find it and then we make up the rest so that like the pliant clay the good will fill the form of the world.

This sounds esoteric beyond our comprehension. Can you simplify this?

Yes here is what you can use to remember. Choose a moment any moment like you would pulling a card from a deck. Think of the world with all its good people and think, “I am healing the world.” Envision this as your personal responsibility. You are the reflection of above and as such it is your task to reflect the good that is given you back in equal measure.

Can we begin today?

Yes begin immediately there is no time to lose.

Can we count on help from the higher spheres, the inner worlds?

Yes for you see when your intention is for good it is subsequently magnified above and within. It is this process that makes everything work?

But how can we change the corruption of our leaders? Won’t it take a revolution and if so how many more will die? It sounds far fetched even impossible.

No this is not a revolution or even a cause it is a way of thinking about the world. It is for each of us to take personal responsibility for the world. Don’t focus on the particulars of this war, or that disease or the corruption you find here or there. Your task to restate is to heal the world. Think good thoughts of about the world and you will be joined by the vast overwhelming majority of good people. Involve as many others as you can but rather than activism let your intention, your good thoughts do the world. You are the potter spinning the wheel. Be persistent. Look at world, see with your inner heart of good the wonder that you are producing even in this moment. Operate as the forces above and within you always have operated only now be at one with these forces.

What if people argue about this or think its silly?

You have to convince no one but yourself. You are a good people and this is what is expected of a good people and that is to demonstrate and express that good with your good intentions. No arguments. No convincing is necessary. Each must express their own version of what is being presented promoted here.

What are we to do?

Seek God and find God. This is not as difficult as some would have you believe. Seek God in the stillness of your heart and in goodness of your actions. Let it be in your own time and way. There finding God share your revelations. Truth multiplies itself through contact. You don’t have to seek proselytes, but rather lead by example. Don’t ask those who wish your truth to follow you. Let them walk by your side.

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