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Wisconsin stabbing is deja vu of Skylar Neese stabbing

One of two teen stabbing suspects convicted in the Skylar Neese case.
One of two teen stabbing suspects convicted in the Skylar Neese case.
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Two 12-year-old girls tried to stab another girl to death in Wisconsin allegedly because of a "Slenderman" fictional website horror character, according to Fox News on June 4. But the case is eerily reminiscent of the one in which the Huffington Post updated readers about earlier this year, which occurred in 2012 and involved three West Virginia teens, the two convicted killers and their victim.

In the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Skylar Neese in W. Virginia, Rachel Shoaf, 17, said she and Sheila Eddy, 18, decided they "didn't want to be friends with her anymore," so they lured Skylar Neese away to a wooded area and proceeded to stab her to death.

Monongalia County prosecuting attorney Marcia Ashdown shed more light on the controversial killing, stating that Shoaf and Eddy were afraid Neese would "divulge their secrets" is why the younger girl was murdered, according to the Huffington Post.

Insinuations were made that Eddy and Shoaf were in a lesbian relationship, and that Neese may have become privy to it and been going to tell, so they silenced her first.

Shoaf, who is due in court on Thursday, June 5, according to WAJR, led authorities to the younger girls body months after she and Sheila Eddy left it in the woods covered up by leaves and branches, also choosing to confess to the crime first. A judge will now determine whether to send her to an adult facility since she has reached the age of adulthood or consider her potential safety by not doing so, since her accomplice Eddy, whom she was scheduled to testify against, is in the facility where she would be sent.

In that case, Rachel Shoaf is credited with aiding prosecutors and pleading guilty to second-degree murder of her own volition in May 2013. But her accomplice Sheila Eddy didn't plead guilty until she learned Shoaf was going to be testifying against her at trial this year. And she even pretended to mourn with the family when her victim was first discovered missing and later dead.

In the more recent case of the two 12-year-old girl stabbing suspects in Wisconsin, neighbors of the suspects paint an unusual picture of relative normality of these underage suspects. And they are reluctant to discuss the case out of respect for the parents. But prosecutors in this case say that the girls will be tried in adult court, since both admitted they conspired for months about killing the victim, who was also aged 12, telling investigators they stabbed their victim 19 times in order to please the Slenderman.

No photos are names of the suspects or victim has been revealed in this case, since all three are juveniles.

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