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Wisconsin school districts dump the Moochelle lunch plan

School districts across the country are losing a lot of money participating in the Michelle Obama designed school lunch plan, despite the subsidies they received for serving the mandated school lunches. The food was found to be terrible by the students so they were either not buying school lunch, and opting to bring lunch from home, or they were throwing a lot of it away rather than eating it. In both instances, food that wasn't sold, or otherwise thrown away by students getting it for free under the subsidies, were costing the program a great deal of money. The latest is the Waterford school districts in Wisconsin, who have decided that losing federal subsidies still doesn't make it a better deal than to dump the Moochelle lunch plan and decide for themselves what to serve in their cafeterias.

Wisconsin school districts dump the Moochelle lunch plan
Saul Loeb, AFP/Getty Images

By dumping the Moochelle plan, they don't have to follow the “food healthiness” requirements of the federal plan and can decide for themselves what to serve.

The Journal Times newsppaper of Racine County, Wisconsin reports, “The Waterford Graded and Waterford High School districts have weighed their options and decided they’d rather forego the money and serve what they want. They’ll continue to cover the costs of low-income students’ meals — likely by spending less on fruits and vegetables that students simply throw away, and by serving slightly less healthy but overall tastier meals to increase lunch participation among paying students, officials from those districts said.”

They've made an economically rational decision to serve less fruits and vegetables, that many students won't eat and throw them in the trash anyway, and serve stuff that students will eat, like french fries. That decision is not only economically rational, it's sustainable too because what should not happen is throwing food away, so why waste money serving certain foods to students who will just throw it away?

The problem with the misguided Moochelle lunch plan, other than the obvious fact that Moochelle Obama has no qualification to practice as a nutritionist and make lunch plans for others, is that it sought to force choices on people that believe in freedom, even freedom in food choices in the cafeterias. If parents want their children eating fruits and vegeatables instead of pizza and tater tots loaded with ketchup, they should send their children to school with such foods in their lunch bags. But then of course, they might well get to school and trade their fruits and vegetables to the rare student who actually likes them, in trade for his french fries and cake for dessert. Sometimes human nature just won't be defeated by do-gooder liberal busybodies. Hear that Moochelle?

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