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Wisconsin residents reacting to the Governor's proposed financial solution

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Governor Scott Walker’s campaign initiatives have appeared to be serious as he and Senate leaders hash out the details to Walker’s recovery plan for Wisconsin. As the state faces a looming deficit, it is planned to pass legislation that will bring the financial situation under control.

Under scrutiny for changes includes labor issues for federal workers and teachers across the state. While there is a huge union presence for most of these individuals, the range of the jobs they employ include fire and police personnel, k-12 educators, and other state workers. Thus, the impact of the pending legislative changes appears to be drastic.

Drastic is the word that many of these employees are interpreting the proposal to mimic. With Walker keeping tight-lipped about the specific contents of this proposal, many across the state have fears about the worst for the situation.

Reports of the contents regarding union employees are focused on one main part: that the Governor wants to eliminate the collective bargaining requirement. In addition, under Walker’s proposed plan, state workers would be required to pay a higher portion of their health insurance premiums, as well as more for other benefits like retirement.