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Wisconsin residents heading towards the polls

The April 2011 election shows high interest across the state
The April 2011 election shows high interest across the state
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With the political unrest across the state felt by residents during the past several months, it appeared to be no surprise that the polling numbers seemed higher than average for today’s elections across the state. Many polling stations have suggested their voter turnout has been higher than in previous elections.

It is suggested that the increased focus on elections and politics is due to the arguments regarding Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill.

The political debate that has spurred much on the unrest, bringing protests to Madison and other cities, has primarily focused on the collective bargaining issue, however many unions and represented employees have already agreed to the concessions authorizing higher payments towards health insurance and retirement accounts.

Although the collective bargaining portion of the debate is now currently held up in court as a result of a potential open meetings violation, it is uncertain whether the outcome of this election will have any impact on the mandated increase in premiums or whether those results will be negated in its wake.