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Wisconsin Reps. Pocan and Moore demand end to deportations

Wisconsin Reps. Mark Pocan (2nd) and Gwen Moore (4th) continued their war against American workers last week by joining 27 other disloyal and immoral Democrats who signed a letter to President Obama asking that he "suspend any further deportations and expand the successful deferred action program to all those who would be potential citizens under immigration reform."

By signing the letter, these two "lawmakers" give increased validity to the question of whether the United States is still a sovereign nation committed to the rule of law. Their action also runs counter to what the American people want from their government regarding our immigration policy. According to a just released Rasmussen poll, 60 percent of us think the federal government is not aggressive enough in deporting illegal aliens.

Pocan and Moore support H.R. 15 that is a carbon copy of the Senate amnesty bill (S.744) that passed in June. If this disastrous piece of legislation becomes law, it would give work permits to 12 million illegal aliens, double legal immigration to 2 million people annually and flood our labor market with 33 million foreign workers in just the first 10 years.

Ever the hypocrites, Pocan and Moore continue to deceive their constituents with statements like this from Pocan concerning expiring unemployment insurance:

“Without Congressional action, the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Wisconsin families will be threatened just days after Christmas,” Pocan said. “As our economy continues to recover, we must maintain this vital unemployment insurance for Wisconsin job seekers who would like nothing more than to re-enter the workforce. Congress needs to come together to extend these benefits, focus on job creation, and strengthen middle class families across America.”

And this from Moore's web site:

"Milwaukee’s workforce is among the best in the nation. And standing up for our workers is important to make sure that everyone benefits from economic recovery, not just CEOs."

If Pocan and Moore were sincere about putting Americans back to work, shouldn't they be demanding the removal of the 7 million illegal aliens currently drawing regular paychecks from the construction, manufacturing, transportation and services industries so those jobs could be given to some of the 20 million jobless Americans?

But that's not about to happen because these two individuals, like their pro-amnesty congressional colleagues, now consider their primary role as pandering to illegal aliens and a business community that worships at the altar of cheap labor.

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