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Wisconsin politicians react to Supreme Court campaign finance decision



  • BABS 6 years ago

    Democrat Senator Russ Feingold said that the voices of the American people will be “drowned out by corporate spending” in federal elections. Funny how he and Tammy don't mind the voices of the American people being drowned out by the elitist progressives currently in power. Baldwin spent most of last summer hiding from the voices of her constituents. Feingold spent most of his time arrogantly talking down to anyone that does not want to walk the Obama/Pelosi line. They just want their special interests to do all the talking.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    the supreme court has it all wrong ... " Corporations" are not human beings. They are made up of human beings with individual opinions ,individual brains ,individual thought processes. They already have a right to their opinion. How can corporations have the right to assume every stockholder, every employee and their dependendants think the same way. SUPREME COURT YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG on this one. All I can say is GOD HELP US ALL.

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