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Wisconsin newborn missing: 5-day-old Infant taken from bassinet as family slept

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A 5-day-old baby boy is reported missing from his home, taken from his bassinet as the family was sleeping. The mother of the baby said she got up around 4 a.m. to check her newborn baby and the infant was gone, according to Kansas City Star on Feb. 7.

Federal investigators are working in tandem with local authorities in the search for the infant. Both the 18 year-old mother and 23-year-old father were staying with the baby at a home in Beloit, Wisconsin. The baby was sleeping in a bassinet in the same room as the parents when he went missing. The police are questioning the parents along with the other people staying at the home.

There were no signs of forced entry and the parents are cooperating with police, but so far there are no leads as to the possible whereabouts of this newborn. The case is considered urgent because of the baby's age.

A clip from a press conference was shown on "Fox and Friends" Friday morning and one of the detectives on the case said that their concerns are that the baby obviously cannot care for itself at this age. With the frigid cold weather that Wisconsin has been experiencing they worry about the possibly that the child could have been left outside somewhere. This is the urgency behind the case for the approximately 40 local, state and federal officers who have joined in on this round-the-clock hunt for the baby.

About 1:30 a.m. a woman left the house and that was the last time the baby was seen. Police were able to get a hold of her on her cell phone and she was driving on the highway in Iowa on the way to her Colorado home.

She pulled off the highway and police from Iowa met her there, she did not have the baby and was cleared in this case. She was however arrested on an outstanding warrant from Texas.

No one knows what happened to baby Kayden Powell, there are no clues in his disappearance. The mystery grows today as the police continue their search.



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