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Wisconsin Legislature Passes Union Bill, Awaits Governor's Signature

Wisconsin Passes Union Bill
Wisconsin Passes Union Bill
Associated Press / Fox News

The State Senate passed the bill yesterday. And today, regardless of protester obstruction, the State Assembly did the very same. The legislation is now awaiting the Governor’s signature, in which he said he’d complete as soon as possible.

As our elected leaders were attempting to do their jobs, Liberal protesters bombarded the State Capitol Building with chants and signs sporting the word “recall” among many others. Physical threats against government officials were also plentiful since this debacle erupted three weeks ago, when the 14 Senate Democrats went AWOL to Chicago. Liberal protesters also did a few million dollars worth of damages to the interior of the State Capitol Building, which I believe should be billed to Barack Obama’s own “Organizing for America” and to the SEIU and other Liberal organizations that basically called for continued violence instead of civility and cooperation.

Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton all called for increased violence during the growing anger fest in the last few days. What if these were Conservatives calling for violence against government officials and their supporters? It would have made national news, whereas the words these three uptight and unintelligent men exhorted were ignored by the Liberal Media.

Thinking about the current situation throughout the last few weeks, what do you think would have happened if the Republican Senators went AWOL and refused to return to Madison to do the jobs they were hired to do for three weeks? What would have happened if the Republicans in Washington fled into childish hiding during the vote for ObamaCare at the end of 2009?

The answer is obvious.

Senate Democrats also cried out stating that collective bargaining rights were a “civil right” and that the passage of the union bill would be the “political peril” of the Senate Republicans. Again, what would occur if these words came form Republicans instead of Democrats? What names would they be called?

Again, the answer is obvious.

Now we await Governor Scott Walker’s signature. Let this be the beginning of an extremely crucial trend that needs to happen all across these United States.


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