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Wisconsin lawmaker Grothmann wants Uganda to continue to lock up gay men?

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin state legislator from West Bend, is not a big fan of gay rights. In fact, for a state lawmaker from Wisconsin and not the Bible Belt, he is a big fan of them being locked up. At least in nations like Uganda.

Uganda had a proposed bill to execute gay men who had consensual sex. They have a point, it's in the bible and the bible is very much anti-gay. There is no use pretending otherwise. But that is just one more reason why the bible should be ignored.

Now, Uganda didn't pass a bill allowing for the execution of gays, but it did pass one for life imprisonment. Still awful, but not quite as bad, though I don't think life in a Ugandan prison would be that enjoyable, especially in a nation that imprisons people for consensual sex, as Uganda in 2014 and parts of the U.S. in 2001.

Now Secretary of State John Kerry went to Uganda to talk about the scientific findings on how homosexuality is natural, which it is, as it is found throughout the animal kingdom. But, even if it was not natural, that isn't a reason to execute or imprison someone because of their sexual orientation. Putting people in prison should be generally reserved for those who commit harms to one another, murder, theft, rape etc. Or copyright violations, who knows.

Now Grothman in response to Kerry's positive statements and actions to stop the persecution of gays in Uganda, decried on fundamentalist Christian radio, that we used to send missionaries to Uganda and now we are educating them about how homosexuality is normal, which it is, as it is throughout the animal kingdom.

He wondered what his god must think. One, the odds of this god existing are as small as Grothmann leading a gay pride parade next year in San Francisco. I don't care what imaginary beings think, because they are, imaginary. If one must hide behind a deity to defend their hostility and bias against gays, then they are a coward. Sen. Grothman is a coward, and a hateful one at that.

Grothman is challenging Congressman Petri for election, if you live in Petri's district, it is up to you to stop this theocrat from becoming even more powerful. Then again, at least he won't be in the state legislature.