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Wisconsin governor signs 29 bills into law

On May 5, Governor Jim Doyle signed into law the following 29 bills at the State Capitol in Madison:

Assembly Bill 561 eliminates the notary requirement for assessor certification renewal.

Assembly Bill 563 eliminates obsolete provisions related to the use value assessment of agricultural land.

Assembly Bill 564 authorizes provisions for a long-term name reservation by a limited liability company (LLC).

Assembly Bill 565 authorizes a limited partnership or registered LLC to change its registered office or registered agent.

Assembly Bill 566 makes changes to certain review, reporting and out-of-date requirements regarding the Public Service Commission.

Assembly Bill 778 imposes weight limits for vehicles transporting raw forest products.

Senate Bill 25 allows school district residents to object to school board use of a race-based nickname, logo or mascot.

Senate Bill 148 makes certain changes to liability laws for actions of tribal law enforcement officers when enforcing state laws.

Senate Bill 224 makes changes to the law affecting notifications of proposed vacating of certain highways.

Senate Bill 287 allows a city, village or town to transfer jurisdiction and ownership of a highway that is owned by the unit and under its management to a federally recognized American Indian tribe or band in the state or an agency of the government by entering into a jurisdictional transfer agreement with the tribe or agency.

Senate Bill 307 creates special license plates supporting the Lions Clubs of Wisconsin.

Senate Bill 392 allows former military vehicles to be registered as a type of special interest vehicle.

Senate Bill 445 eliminates labeling requirements for certain substances that may create a fire hazard when mixed with organic matter.

Senate Bill 446 eliminates the requirement for reporting on the petroleum storage remedial action program.

Senate Bill 456 creates special license plates supporting motorcycle safety programs.

Senate Bill 457 prohibits placement of certain advertising signs in highway rights-of-way and provides a penalty.

Senate Bill 475 provides reimbursement to counties and Indian tribes for unexpected or unusually high cost out-of-home care placements of an Indian juvenile adjudicated delinquent by tribal courts.

Senate Bill 485 eliminates the requirement to display empty weight on the side of certain vehicles.

Senate Bill 486 provides a liability release exception to the requirement that proof of financial responsibility be provided after an accident.

Senate Bill 487 makes changes relating to applications for motor vehicle occupational licenses.
Governor Doyle thanked the members of the Law Revision Committee for their work on the bill.

Senate Bill 488 eliminates certain requirements related to policies and bonds issued by out-of-state insurers as proof of financial responsibility after an accident.

Senate Bill 489 eliminates the requirement that a non-resident provide proof of financial responsibility for operation of a vehicle in order to reinstate a suspended driving privilege or registration.

Senate Bill 490 makes changes to the requirements for obtaining registration plates for vehicles leased to persons with a disability that limits the ability to walk.

Senate Bill 491 requires an aging and disability resource center to perform a financial screening for, provide
information to, and assist individuals choosing to participate in the self-directed services option.

Senate Bill 493 provides for the appointment of an examiner for a person committed as a sexually violent person.

Senate Bill 494 allows a non-profit corporation to operate an aging and disability resource center.
Governor Doyle thanked the members of the Law Revision Committee for their work on the bill.

Senate Bill 505 allows the Department of Transportation to contract with certain individuals and businesses to perform motor vehicle emission inspections.

Senate Bill 531 makes changes to the annual or consecutive month permit requirements for vehicles or combinations of vehicles transporting loads near the Wisconsin-Michigan border.

Senate Bill 627 creates special license plate decals for certain vehicles owned by women veterans.


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