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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker faces liberal witch hunt

Sore feeling over Walker's success in lliberal state
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has become a leading Republican candidate for the presidential nomination in 2016. Much like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the spotlight has brought problems. He has been criticized he illegally coordinated fund raising with conservative groups.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends" Friday attempted to explain the situation. He said, "We tried to take the government away from the big government special interest and put it firmly in the hands of the hard working taxpayers, both at the state level and the local governments."

The original complaint was revealed in court documents. It is part of an ongoing suit unsealed as part of a lawsuit challenging the investigation by the conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Although the partisan blood is already in the water against a governor who has survived a recall largely coordinated by labor unions, no charges have been filed against Walker or any member of his staff.

Walker had more to say on Fox. "This is a prime example of what happens when you take on the big government special interests. They're looking for ways to come at us. They'll continue to do it. They did it two years ago in the recall election. They're going to do it again now."

No politician has faced political this kind of scrutiny the Wisconsin governor has experienced. During his tenure as governor, he has balanced the state's budget, lowered property taxes and reigned in the labor union demands that were breaking the state's economy.

Walker reminded his hosts that two judges have already examined the evidence and determined they were baseless. The investigation began in 2012 when Walker was facing a recall. The partisan probe was to determine if he illegally discussed fund raising with groups and individuals, including Republican strategist Karl Rove.

The evidence appears paper thin and brought about by Walker-haters and the media because of Walker's new found popularity largely on the backs of liberal politicians. "They didn't think that anything was done that was illegal. So, they've gone forward and, not only said we don't buy it, but actually shut the case down, both at the state and at the federal level," Walker said.

Governor Walker should study the case of Governor Chris Christie, whoa at the time of the “Bridge gate” investigation in New Jersey, was the only GOP presidential candidate ahead of Hilary Clinton in most polls."There is no doubt this is one of those where the media jumps on this, some on the left spin this. You got detractors out there trying to claim there's something more than there is," he said.

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