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Wisconsin gay marriage ban: Federal judge strikes it down

Gay Rights
Gay Rights
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A federal judge has struck down a gay marriage ban in Wisconsin. On Friday, Reuters shared how a federal judge has said that this marriage ban is unconstitutional. This had people rushing straight to the court house to get married as soon as possible. Clerks in two different counties actually issued marriage licenses to same sex couples Friday night.

Several couples were even able to get married on Friday night. This was a dream come true for them considering that several of them had always wanted to do it but just now were able to go through with it. There was some confusion in a few of the counties that will have to be worked out. They were unsure about who this meant could get married exactly.

Over 100 marriage licenses were issued on Friday. A lot more are expected to happen on Monday when the court house opens up again. "We will continue to defend the constitutionality of our traditional marriage laws and the constitutional amendment, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters," State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said in a statement about it. Of course this could be challenged by people in the state who do not agree with it.