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Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd./ flyfishing classes/bird calendar too

Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd.

Our 46th Year

February 13. 2012

President Cliff opened our meeting by welcoming new member Todd Ahnert.


Gary Gerdman has been doing well on catching whitefish. He’s using 1½” Jigging Shad Raps minus the bottom hook. Lure colors that are working best are shad and gold.

Some members have been catching small northern pike.

Treasurer Dan and Jerry Opicka ventured to Asylum Bay, on Lake Winnebago, where they caught 8” perch ½ mile out. Lures that worked were Holey and Swedish Pimples over the 13’ to 14’ mudflats.

Little Green and Beaver Lake are slow.

German brown trout are active around daybreak on Lake Michigan. Dress warm.

Vice-President George caught little perch on Crescent Lake, plus walleyes to 17” in length.

Lake Wissota and rock piles on Koshkonong are producing walleyes.

Secretary Larry read the secretary’s report, and it was approved.

Per Treasurer Dan, we have$111.00 in our account.

Per Kids Fishing Coordinator Wayne Avery, due to unsafe ice, our Kids Fishing Clinic only attracted nine kids. We had fourteen volunteers. Thank you to those who volunteered. The model cars were handed out. One little kid didn’t want to fish; he wanted the Rolls Royce.

Overall, 51 cases of soda were donated for spring for all clubs. Cabelas will again contribute something.

April 8 is the Spring Hearing night. We will meet on April 23 instead. Members are urged to attend the Spring Hearings so that we can vote to represent the sport anglers, and to make sure the PETA people don’t further restrict our angling rights. The DNRwebsite lists all of the Hearing locations.

Pres. Cliff asked the members as to what kind of speakers would they like. Here are the responses.

1. Shoreline fishing,

2. Walleye spots,

3. Panfish,

4. Fishing equipment including rod and reel maintenance,

5. Map reading and plant life and types,

6. Species specific talks such as on catfish,

7. Flyfishing and

8. Milwaukee River fishing.

Members can call 1-414-799-1250 to get on the Cutting Edge Outdoors radio show while fishing and catching fish. Mention the Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd. to help us gain publicity. This is the show featuring Tom Newbauer.

After our raffle, Al Hutchinson talked about our rod-building clinic on March 24. The starting time is 8:30 a.m. sharp at back-up secretary and board member Ray Letourneau’s house.

Board member Gary Gerdmaninformed us about the whitefish outing. Gerdman said the March 1-3 ice conditions are questionable due to recent thaws. Currently, the ice is good as is the whitefish fishing. Tie a loop knot on a Shad Rap and use a #12 or 14-slider hook above the lure to catch more fish.

Gerdman gave us an update on theTake a Disabled Vet fishing onCamp American Legion onLake Tomahawk. $1,500.00 the current estimate for 10 participants. Call Gary at 1-262-909-4363 or 1-414-438-0370 if you’d like to be a sponsor.

We discussed our outings. Tentative outings include:

1. April 7 - Lake Winnebago at Rainbow Park,

2. April 14 – Kids Fishing Clinic at Wilson Park,

3. May 19 - Wolf River in Fremont area for whitebass,

4. June 15, 16, & 17 or June 18, 19 & 20 – Lake Winnebago at Kalvis’ launch,

5. July 14 or 23 – Rock Lake for suspended bluegills,

6. August – still open for suggestions,

7. September – still open for suggestions,

8. October – Rock River or Wisconsin Dells for fall walleye run,

9. November – still open for suggestions and weather permitting and

10. December – still open for suggestions and weather permitting.

During our next meeting, we will discuss our possible outing locations.

It’s confirmed, Board Member Jerry Opicka will give his annual ice safety and ice panfishing talk on December 10.

RemyBatteriesare $89.00. These have the AGM plates and are American made, dual-purpose batteries.

Respectively submitted,

Larry Van Veghel

WFC & WCSFO Secretary and Media Director


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