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Wisconsin eight year old faces animal cruelty charges for throwing bleach on pup

Puppies are doing better, but are still not out of the woods.
Puppies are doing better, but are still not out of the woods.
Fond du Lac Humane Society

A "Pamper the Puppies" fundraiser has been established to help raise funds for the ongoing medical expenses of two American Staffordshire puppies who were burned with bleach announced the Fond du Lac Humane Society on Tuesday.

According to the, an eight-year-old child could be charged with animal cruelty and his 30-year-old mother, who reportedly knew what the child had done, faces charges of failing to intervene.

The horrible story began on Saturday when a neighbor heard plaintive cries coming from a trash bin near the Maplewood Commons apartments. When he looked inside, he discovered a puppy in a trash bag that had been doused with bleach.

When authorities arrived, they were able to trace the puppy's ownership to a family who had two adult dogs and the pup's litter mates in the apartment. The eight-year-old was allegedly angry at the six-week-old puppy for nipping at him, and poured bleach over the defenseless puppy getting it into the puppy's face and mouth. Another puppy was splattered with the bleach also.

No one in the family even bothered to bathe the pups to help.

Fond du Lac Police Department Assistant Chief Steve Klein stated:

“We’re anticipating charges of cruelty to animals for the juvenile and a charge of party to a crime of animal cruelty for the mother. Puppies are very vulnerable animals and to have someone who shows a blatant disregard for their well-being and physically tries to harm them is very disturbing.”

The Fond du Lac Humane Society have all five dogs in their custody. The puppies were bathed in Dawn dish soap and are being attended to by Wright Vet Clinic.

On Wednesday, the puppies were reportedly doing better. It is not known at this time if the eyesight of the pups will be affected. They have been treated for chemical burns, respiratory distress from breathing in the fumes, and possible damage to their lungs.

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