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Wisconsin Democrats Are Breaking The Law

Wisconsin Senate Democrats are acting like children. They cannot deprive the people of Wisconsin their right to an up or down vote on legislation whether they like what they see or not. If this were Republican Senators protesting a piece of legislation championed by a Democrat Governor and Democrat-controlled Legislature and left the state for days, we can all bet our money that all hell would break lose. State Democrats would be calling for the immediate arrest of all the AWOL Republicans and complain that they are disallowing the people of the state an up or down vote. Democrats would be complaining left and right, calling for punishments, and scolding doctors who were giving teachers fraudulent sick notes and depriving our children from an education so they could protest in Madison for days at a time. They would want the teachers to lose their jobs and possibly their pensions, and call for the doctors to lose their medical licenses.

State Republicans have been remaining civil since this debacle began. They’re standing by and are refusing to negotiate with the protesters and their Democrat criminals regarding what should have been done long ago: liberal unions should have never been on the receiving end of taxpayer money, and they should be responsible for donating to their own pensions. If they don’t like it, tough beans. If they want to retire and expect to live off of a pension, they should be collecting their own money and not the money of hardworking taxpayers.

Recall elections should be called and held for all 14 Senate Democrats. They should also be punished for breaking the law regarding their action of depriving the citizens from their right to an up or down vote. The doctors involved in handing out fraudulent sick notes to non-sick teachers should also be disciplined by the possibility of losing their jobs and medical licenses. Those who break the law should be punished. This issue shouldn’t even be open to debate.

Wisconsin Republicans will pass this anti-union legislation, whether the whining protesters like it or not. Governor Scott Walker will also sign the legislation into law after it is successfully passed. In the end, the Republicans and their voters/supporters in this great state will be the victors.

Democrats can continue their tantrum, but they will never win. Contribute to your own freaking pensions.


  • Scoobs 4 years ago

    Not exactly sure which law you are citing, as it relates to the Flee-baggers and their breaking of it, but I agree with your frustration with these out of control children. They certainly are making a mess of the playroom, aren't they? Well, I suppose once the state stops paying for their cell phones or stops sending them their undeserved checks, they'll come running home. What a display.

  • Mike C 4 years ago

    Daniel...wonderfully written, I agree 100%

  • Profile picture of Amy Lou Jenkins
    Amy Lou Jenkins 4 years ago

    I support the civil disobedience of my legislature. If Walker was just honestly trying to balance a budget as he claims, why would he leave out 60% percent of the payroll—the unions who have supported the GOP? The Unions have already conceded to the cuts in benefits that Walker proposed. Mother Jones and other sites reported on documents they accessed through the Freedom of Information act that KOCH industries (big oil, big coal) donated millions to the Wis GOP for their agenda. First up—stop high-speed rail to keep people depended on autos and their gasoline. Second up—move more power away from the middle class and lower middle class. Peaceful civil disobedience is a long-standing patriotic tradition. Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, and the Wisconsin unions are not acting like children; they are acting like responsible Americans.

  • Steve 4 years ago

    I respect your opinion and you seem to have done your research, but I have to disagree with you on this one. As you'll notice with your examples of people who have been involved in civil disobedience (Henry David Thoreau, MLK Jr., etc.), none of them are Senators. For Senators, this is not civil disobedience. They are actually breaking a law that governs their own conduct. This law is called "The Call of the House", which basically means compelled attendance, not pertaining to illness or other forms of excused absence (which is granted by a vote by the senate's members). The Call of the House motion takes precedence over all other motions if a quorum is not present. In the case of this happening, any absent members will be brought into congress UNDER ARREST by the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms has the right to arrest and detain anyone in violation of the rules that govern congress, including (shock value) the President of the United States. However, in state legislature his/her power does not extend over state boundaries. Therefore, you could technically say that these Senators have illegally defected from their obligations, and are now fugitives on the run, meaning that the moment they cross back into Wisconsin, they can and should be taken into custody.

  • B. Spencer 4 years ago

    The WI democrats "hiding" away (or should I say running away from their elected responsibilities) are showing a complete lack of respect for the democratic process for which they were elected. Their actions are irresponsible. The voters of the state of WI should not be treated with such contempt.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The main truth is, that republicans have caused most of our deubt. They take away jobs, which kills the tax base and undermines government insight. They want to privatize everything, so that they don't have to pay. They want smaller government they say, because it interferes with people's rights. The truth is they want to and have historically used hit slie to consolidate power and take rights away. Free country, but you can't burn the flag, marry unless we agree, be master of your own body. (You have to have a baby, because it's moral, and you better have a job, that doesn't pay anything, so you can spend twice as what you owe on child care and don't expect any help, because we have taken all of your assisted living benefits away.) but than you can morally send them into a war that was for oil and corporation gain. No, the people loose when lying scumbags like Scott Walker win. He cost Millwaukee county millions, and if you check your facts, he is the reason we don't have a surpluss but a debt because he had to help out those who had plugged for him to win, by giving them our surpluss in state favors.

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