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Wis. Group Helps Chilean Animals In Need

Global Conservation Group

CHILE - Wisconsin's largest animal rights organization, Global Conservation Group is leading the way in animal rescue relief efforts in Chile after they experienced an 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

The Group said on their Facebook Page: "Chile just experienced an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. Building evacuation processes have begun, and we encourage all residents to ensure their animals come out with them! GCG is offering assistance via phone to anyone with pets in need of immediate medical attention. Please contact our International 24/7 Animal Emergency Response Department at 1-888-959-5403 extension 101."

They continued to say "If you're placed on hold, please call our New York Cruelty Investigation Department HQ at: 315 412 3784 for assistance. Non urgent matters can be emailed to Thank you!"

People and pets are being encouraged to evacuate their homes at this time.

UPDATE: Five people are confirmed died - four men and one woman, Chile's Interior Minister said.