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Wis. Animal Group Calls Feds on Sheriff's Office

Green County Sheriff's Office
Green County Sheriff's Office

BELLEVILLE, Wisconsin - Animal rights organization, Global Conservation Group says it filed complaints with state and federal officials after the Green County Sheriff's Office refused to take appropriate action against a negligent owner who leaves his pets outside in negative 50 degree weather without adequate shelter.

Along with submitting complaints to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin Department of Justice, the group also filed a complaint with the United States Department of Agriculture Plant & Health Inspection Services. The GCG hopes that these complaints encourage the county to enforce their own laws. In their complaint to the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office, it states "On January 6, 2014 our organization, along with numerous citizens filed a complaint against Brad Zweifel for confining two ponies in his yard without anything but a few oil barrels as shelter. I'm sure you're aware how the windchills have occasionally dropped to negative 50 degrees.

The Green County Sheriff's Office has ignored all of our complaints stating “We've sent our humane officer out there” and “According to state law, there is nothing we can do.”
However, Green County's own animal cruelty ordinance states the following: "Any person owning or harboring an animal shall provide sufficient protection from the weather." (Chapter C 7-4-13-2) and continues "No person shall treat any animal in a cruel manner which causes unnecessary pain or suffering or unjustifiable injury or death." (A 7-4-13-2)"

The letter went on to say "Attached with this letter is our original case file with a picture. Our organization has confirmed the validity of this complaint by sending a staff member out to the residence.

We urge you to take action to ensure that the owner is charged with neglect, his animals have adequate shelter, and that the Sheriff's Office is ordered to enforce it's own county ordinances.
As of today, our online petition on has reached nearly 4,000 signatures from concerned citizens and an article has been shared 3,000 times."

To view the petition, Click Here. To view the original article on this issue, Click Here.

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