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Wire Mill Barbecue opens in Wilton

Wire Mill Barbecue outdoors
Wire Mill Barbecue outdoors

We dropped into the Wire Mill Barbecue for dinner last week, and found a friendly, low-key place with plenty of barbecue choices. Hardly a formal place, it amounts to a bar, 3 booths, a half dozen tables and a friendly staff. They also have outdoor seating. But most important, they have two smokers out back where they smoke their pork, ribs, chicken, smoked sausage and brisket each day. They also have at least six beers on tap.

Smoked platter

The menu includes soup, salads sandwiches and the expected barbecue items. Unless you are really hungry or want to share or take some home, stick to to the smaller items like the pulled pork sandwiches. Even a single item, like the half rack of ribs is a tremendous amount of food,

So we could try a couple of items, we ordered the smoked platter (shown), choosing ¼ rack of baby back ribs and pulled pork (you can pick any two items) for $21.95. We think the pulled pork is their best item: tender and juicy. They supply two sauces in table dispensers: Classic honey and chipotle, and Hot Sauce with vinegar and mustard. We loved both. This is a huge amount of food and we brought more than half of it home.

The baby back ribs are brushed with a sweet sauce and put back in the smoker, giving them a sweet, crusty finish, though of course not as tender as the pulled pork. You also get a choice of two sides. We ordered the curly fries and coleslaw. The fries were delicious, but kind of greasy, as if the oil was not quite up to temperature. The coleslaw was copious but bland.

You can order barbecue platters to go, but you need to get your orders in by 4pm because when the food is gone, it’s gone.

Altogether a pleasant place to have barbecue right there in Georgetown, at 12 Old Mill Rd, nominally in Redding and just across from where you turn into downtown Georgetown. They are open every day from 11 am to 9 pm.