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'Winx Club' Season 6, episode 6 recap

Diaspro works with the Trix to destroy Bloom in "Winx Club" season 6, episode 6.
Diaspro works with the Trix to destroy Bloom in "Winx Club" season 6, episode 6.
Rainbow S.r.I. and Nickelodeon

“Winx Club” season six returned to Nick with episode six, “Vortex of Flames.” The show has not aired regularly this season, the last airing was episodes four and five aired together as a one hour special in December. Today Nick aired a regular half hour single episode.

The Trix are unimpressed with Diaspro’s offer to join with them. She offers to help them destroy Bloom. They dismiss her offer and ask Selina check what she can find in the Legendarium. She says that she can use the Vortex of Flames which is located under Bloom’s home of Domino. She says that the Vortex of Fire has fire eaters as well. Diaspro says that she has an invitation to Daphne’s coronation on Domino. She says that she can get information for them on how to get Bloom. The Trix give her the opportunity to prove herself to be valuable to them.

On Domino, Daphne and Bloom await Daphne’s coronation as crown princess of Domino. Sky and Thorin arrive on Domino and Thorin tells Sky that he’s interested in Daphne. Sky just walks away from him.

Daphne goes to see if the other Winx have arrived for the coronation and Bloom begins to feel very weak. Diaspro sees her weak spell. The other fairies find Bloom feeling unwell and help her. Bloom says she believes the weakness was caused by her having shared her Dragon Flame power with the other Winx during their battle with the Trix. Kiko spots Diaspro and knows that she’s up to no good.

Kiko tries to warn Bloom and the other fairies about Diaspro, but their too distracted getting dressed for the celebration to notice him.

At the coronation ball Sky tells Bloom that he doesn’t trust Thorin because Thorin panicked and abandoned him when they were attacked by monsters when they were kids.

Kiko is finally able to tell the pixies that Diaspro is there. They decide to keep an eye on her.

Later, while Bloom and Sky are dancing, Bloom feels faint. Diaspro sees what happens. She informs the Trix about Bloom’s weak spell and they have Selina open the Vortex of Flames and unleash the fire eaters.

Back at the coronation, Sky goes to take Bloom to her room to rest but the fire eaters show up. Daphne and the other fairies make their transformations and attack the fire eaters, but without success.

Meanwhile, Sky leaves with Bloom but meets up with a fire eater. Thorin fights the monster off and they head down a corridor, where they meet Diaspro. She tells them to take Bloom into the Vortex of Flames to restore her power. Sky doesn’t trust her though. Another fire eater attacks Bloom and Sky and knocks Sky unconscious.

Diaspro disables the fir eater and convinces Thorin to take Bloom to the Vortex of Flames for help. Sky comes to and goes to get the fairies for help. Daphne says that the vortex was historically used to test the Dragon Flame but that Bloom is too weak to endure it.

Sky and Daphne arrive at the vortex but Diaspro attacks and throws Bloom into the vortex. Daphne attack Diaspro but she disappears.

Bloom awakens inside the vortex where she’s attacked by a many-headed hydra. She summons the dragon of Domino but it is injured by the hydra. Bloom summons more power for the dragon which defeats the hydra. Bloom gets her Bloomix power because of her courage.

Bloom returns to the ball room and defeats the fire eaters. Daphne meets Thorin on a terrace and they hold hands.

Next time, the fairies must go to Earth to find out more about the Legendarium. Selina ends the Mummy of Alexandria to attack them.

Winx Club is a joint production of Rainbow S.r.I. and Nickelodeon. It airs Sundays at 1 p.m. EST on Nick.

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