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Winx Club returns to Nick with new season 6 episode

This season “Winx Club” has been making sporadic appearances on Nickelodeon. Season 6 premiered on September 29, 2013 with a regular half hour episode. The show didn’t return until November 3, when episodes 2 and 3 aired as an hour long episode. Episodes 4 and 5 aired as an hour long episode on December 15. Episode 6 airs tomorrow, January 12, at 1 p.m. as a regular half hour episode titled “Vortex of Flames.”

Winx Club season 6 returns on Nick.
Rainbow S.r.I. and Nickelodeon

So far this season, Daphne’s body has been restored thanks to Bloom’s Sirenix wish. She has returned to her family and is now a member of the faculty at Alfea College. The Winx are also back at Alfea to further their training. The Trix, Roxy, the Paladins, Diaspro, and the pixies are back this season.

The Trix have taken over Cloud Tower College and the students there are in league with the wicked sisters. Cloud Tower’s head mistress, Miss Griffin, was attacked by the Trix and thrown out of the school. She fled to Alfea College and warned Miss Faragonda about the Trix. A new student at Cloud Tower, Selina, has a powerful magic book called the Legendarium. She’s able to use the book to bring magical legends to life and use them as she wills.

The Trix turned Cloud Tower into a flying building that they use to travel where they please and attack the other schools in the magical realm. Selina has been using the Legendarium to do the Trix’s bidding. In the last episode it was revealed that Selina is actually working for a mysterious being in secret.

At the end of episode 3, the Winx lose their powers, except for Bloom who retains her Dragon Flame power. She will be able to share her powers with her fellow fairies.

Flora’s sister Miele is a student at Linfea College which is attack and taken over by the Trix for a time, but the Winx, Specialists, and Paladins work together to liberate the fairy school.

The Winx’ new fairy transformation/power for this season is Bloomix. One by one the fairies are earning this new power through acts of courage.

Sky’s cousin Thorin and his friends the Paladins are very competitive with the Specialists, but have proven to be powerful allies in the fight to defeat the Trix.

Following their defeat at Linfea College, the Trix head to Eraklyon to take over the school there. Diaspro secretly joins up with the Trix.

Winx Club” is a joint production of Rainbow S.r.I. and Nickelodeon. It airs in the U.S. on Nick.

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