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Wintery activities for snow days

There's no day like a snow day! And if the kids of Lexington weren't already home for President's Day, you can be sure it would be another canceled day of school due to the snow.

Tubing down a snowy hill
AP Photo/The Clarion-Ledger, Joe Ellis

So, what do you do with your children on days like today, to keep them from bouncing off the walls? Plenty. If you can, let them play outside. That will get their energy out as they can run around and make snowmen, forts, snow angels, snow-beds, snowballs, roll in the snow... the possibilities are endless. As long as they are dressed properly, you'll get at least an hour of peace and quiet as they play in the snow. Remember: hats, mittens (they are warmer than gloves), scarves, layers and a waterproof top layer if you have it. If their boots are wet from the weekend, put their feet in plastic grocery bags first. It feels funny for a second, but will keep their socks dry.

Inside, keep the winter theme going. Cut out snowflakes using these patterns, to decorate your home. Make your own ice spikes in your freezer. Or try to take pictures of individual snowflakes through the window. This will take time as you teach your child (or let them play with the camera to figure out) how to focus on one small object. For some down time, make hot chocolate together and watch some of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. For the events schedule, click here.


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