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Wintertime Blues

Here I am after the second snowstorm in Northwest Kansas struggling to remain optomistic. My scale confirms I gained a few pounds after the holidays, I sleep more and wonder if I might be part groundhog ready to hibernate until spring. Unfortunately I am not, so I came to the conclusion it just might be Wintertime Blues.

Now I know I shouldn't have eaten that chocolate raspberry torte but it served it's purpose which was a short term satisfaction that seemed to have left behind a few extra pounds around my waist, and the couch is a comfy place to curl up under my feather quilt in front of the TV. Yes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! But there is still hope. My exercise plan and Phase I diet has begun! And right beside my comfy couch is an eliptical exercise bike that was collecting dust. Perfect! Now I could still watch TV and get much needed exercise that warmed me so I didn't need my quilt. And thank God for commercials that I used to hate so much. Ever notice how many commercials have turned into infomercials that go on and on? Well since I am not interested in getting not one but two of the latest gagets for $19.99, I discovered that gave me enough time to do some chores as well, so I sort of created a contest to see how quickly I could get them done before my shows came back on to burn a few more extra calories in the process.

Okay, now that I think I got my exercise plan in place, onto tackle the diet. Soups are a good way to warm up on a cold winters day and it also warms and adds moisture to the air. After freezing all the leftover foods I wanted to restrict from my diet I was left with a turkey carcass for soup. The foods I wanted to restrict from my diet were mostly carbs so I made a curry turkey soup with spinach and onions, instead of the usual rice and mixed vegetables. For breakfast I splurged on using leftover mashed potatoes (since they don't freeze well) with grated zucchini I had frozen with my favorite spices mixed in. Snacks I decided to be mostly vegetables, particularly celery, but during the winter I didn't spare the citrus fruits to boost the immune system. I decided I can adjust the Phase I diet to suit my needs a little without cheating too much. Portion is everything and radical changes in my diet, seems to make me want to crave forbidden foods all the more, so this is still a way to make progress without all out failing to reach my goals.


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