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Winterize your home for extra savings


Want extra cash? By winterizing your home, you save money and energy.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs accounts for 56% of a home's energy use, which is the largest expense. So before we enter the winter months and the energy bills increase, perform a few simple tasks that will keep you cozy and your wallet full.

  • Plug drafts- Air leaks through windows and doors are an easy and inexpensive fix by caulking and weather stripping.  
  • Insulate- Insulate your attic and attic door.
  • Fans- By rotating your fan clockwise, it will save 10% on your heating bill. Since heat rises, the fan will push the heat downward.
  • Ducts- Make sure air ducts are intact so your not losing heat.
  • Plastic- Use plastic to cover broken windows or window units.
  • Curtains- Open curtains for natural light that will warm the house.

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