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Winter wonderland junkyards, a collection of memories part 2

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It may be cold outside, but classic cars in junkyards have a way of getting you through till spring.

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Drudging through a yard in the wintertime brings back all kinds of fond memories, such as snowmobiling as a kid or sledding in the park.

Yes, it’s a lot harder to find the cars, but that’s part of the allure. Sometimes the coolest thing of a winter junkyard crawl is not knowing what lies beneath the frozen layers.

There’s an utter calmness about wintertime, whereas the summer tends to be more of a purposeful, grocery-shop mentality to it.

So, take a gander of these classics covered in fresh powder. It’s guaranteed to warm your heart and mind.

Along the way, see if you can figure out the make, model and year. That’s part of the fun!


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