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Winter Wonderland at Evergreen Lake House

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Samantha Jonas

It is an absolute dream come true for a figure skater like me to finally glide along a frozen lake while taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains. For about 20 years prior to this one, all I have known is the musty interiors of an indoor skating rink, so skating on Evergreen Lake this winter has been quite the experience.

Outdoor adventure, laughs and hot chocolate (topped with delicious whipped cream) are abundant at Evergreen Lake House over Denver’s colder months. A hub of excitement for beginner and advanced figure and hockey skaters alike, the frozen lake offers picturesque entertainment for the inexpensive rate of just $6 a person (which includes skate rental).

The setting could not be more idyllic and is worth enjoying in both daylight and moonlight. The surrounding mountains embrace the rink and their rich green tones form a natural contrast with the bright white ice.

Take a moment to breathe in the fresh Colorado air and listen to the crisp sound of sharpened blades as they make their mark on the peaceful location.

Avid skater or not, this is a winter must and there is only one week left to indulge in this season’s winter wonderland. For more information and directions, please visit the Evergreen Lake House Website.

Warming tip: After skating, head across the lake to Willow Creek Restaurant and toast to your adventures with a glass of Malbec.


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