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Winter Woes

NY winter
NY winter
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The weather is a "hot" topic here in New York. Everyone seems to be complaining about the snow. Seems alot of my peers are even considering moving to a warmer climate. I, though, relish the change of seasons. After living in places like New Hampshire and Rochester, the New York winters seem relatively short and mild by comparison. I love going to museums in the winter, watching old movies I haven't seen in decades, reading books from The Bryant Library, and talking on the phone to old friends. Winter is a time of relaxation and contemplation. It provides a sorely need break from the stressful, chaotic life we've grown accustomed to living.

I know Spring will arrive in two short months, and that it will bring with it colorful warmth and renewal. But for tonight, I'll enjoy my Irish Coffee and whipped cream at The Oak Room in Sea Cliff while listening to cool Jazz music in front of their blazing fireplace.

Make an effort to embrace, rather than to escape the winter.