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Winter wedding ideas: How brides on a budget can save money on flowers

Ah…Winter weddings on a budget. It doesn't exactly conjure up romantic feelings of Martha Stewart-inspired table decorations, bouquets of fragrant roses or delicious chocolate cake enjoyed after dinner. However, for brides on a budget, those roses can break the bank if you marry on or near Valentine's Day as winter brides tend to. However, there are some things you can do to offset the cost of your flowers even if you insist on getting married on V-Day.

Winter Wedding Ideas: How Brides on a Budget Can Save Money on Flowers
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Wedding Budget Planner: How to Not Pay a Zillion Dollars for Flowers

The answer to this question is both simple and complex. The simplest answer is to find discounts on everything or do without some of the items that you really want. However, what many brides on a budget don't realize is that they can cut wedding costs -- sometimes drastically -- by finding alternatives to what they want.

Let's go ahead and talk about buying roses for your Valentine's Day wedding. If you're doing a winter wedding on a small budget, you're going to want to seriously think about the day you want to get married. Statistically speaking, a good portion of the winter weddings take place on or near Valentine's Day for obvious reasons. And with a Valentine's wedding date usually comes a desire for roses.

That we've already established. But Roses are a bad idea for the bride of a budget this time of year, and it has everything to do with all the other romantics in the world sending flowers to their intended on the same day.

Why Roses Costs More On Valentine's Day

You'll get pummeled on the price of flowers, particularly roses during the V-Day season because of the law of supply and demand. According to, of the nearly 110 million roses sold in the U.S. each year, 75% of those roses are sold on Valentine's Day. Roses cost the most during the Valentine's season, because everyone else wants them, too.

Flower vendors will pay up to a dollar more per rose than they do during say, Christmastime, which they will then in turn, pass on to you, the bride on a budget.

Wedding Budget Planner: The Cost Breakdown per Flower

During Christmas the vendor pays about $1.00 per flower at the wholesale price. Using a simple cost-of-doing business budget, this vendor will at least double the price of the rose, bumping it up to $2.00 per rose. This is so the vendor can make a profit. This makes a wedding bouquet of a dozen roses in December cost about $24.00, again just using simple math.

However, that same rose is going to cost the vendor an average of $2.00 during Valentine's day, thus blowing your winter wedding on a budget out of the water. The cost of your $24.00 bouquet just bumped up to nearly $50.00, basically doubling the expense of your winter wedding budget.

It would be a small thing for the wedding on a small budget if you only had to pay for the bouquet in your hand. However, it's likely that your winter wedding ideas for flowers will also include bouquets by the alter, boutonnieres for the men in the party, wrist corsages for the ladies, flowers for the church and even flower petals for the flower girl.

No wedding decorations on a budget for you… Not roses anyhow.

The Solution to Your Wedding Budget Breakdown…Besides Crying

If you're figuring out how to plan a wedding on a budget and still have some of the things you want for your nuptials, a couple of options present themselves to you.

DIY Flower Arranging for the Wedding on a Small Budget

Here's the thing. If you or someone you know has a talent for putting flowers together, the simplest thing you can do if you absolutely have your heart set on roses for your winter wedding is to arrange them yourself.

According to, you can buy roses discount prices at places like BJ's Wholesale Club or at Costco. You'll essentially put your own sweat equity into your winter wedding budget to save on the cost of flowers. Having the florist design your bouquets is what bumps up the final cost of the flowers for you.

You'll reduce your wedding costs by not hiring this job out. The downside is that it may cause you more pre-wedding stress if you do it yourself. However, if your mom or cousin knows how to do this and wants to do it as a wedding gift to you, it's an excellent way to keep your winter wedding on budget.

Another Way to Save Money on Wedding Costs

The second alternative you have is to look at flowers that would be equally beautiful, but cost you much less money. You'll want these flowers to still keep in the theme of your winter wedding ideas, but this still gives you a lot of room to play around if you do this right.

For example, red tulips look expensive and lush and have long stems like roses, so they bring that same stream-lined look to your wedding decorations budget without the cost.

You can also broaden the type of flower you're willing to consider beyond this as well. Freesia or daffodils have absolutely beautiful blossoms and are a really lovely alternative for those who seek to keep their wedding on a small budget.

Cautionary Final Thoughts About Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

Some people believe that opting for silk roses instead of real roses will keep their winter wedding on budget. However, these flowers can cost as much or more than real roses, according to The Knot.

The bottom line is this when you're thinking about how to plan a wedding on a budget. You really need to decide what you want. If you absolutely can't imagine having any other flower but roses at your winter wedding, then ask yourself where else you can trim away some of the expense. Your wedding costs will remain lower, and you won't be disappointed on your wedding day -- particularly if it's on Valentine's Day and you have your heart set on V-Day roses.

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