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Winter weather vortix

Playing is the snow
Playing is the snow
Looking out for our pets

This Winter Weather Vortex is dangerous for humans and pets alike. No human or pet is use to these cold temperatures. A human can get frostbite in 5 minutes at temperatures of below 0. Think about that in the life of our pets; first they are standing right on ice and snow and second they don’t know what’s happening. We at least realize to not stay outside until we can’t feel our ears, fingers and so forth.
Bringing our pets inside may not be the answer either, as some pets have never been inside only outside. However, making sure they have a bed in a protected environment with insulation of hay or blankets is a good start. Bringing them into the garage or basement with enough heat to keep our pipes from freezing is an excellent idea.
Right now is an excellent time to inspect ears, paw pads, tail tips for frostbite. This article will help in knowing if our pets have frostbite. Please remember we are the thinking part of this duo, and what about our neighbors pet, is it alright. If we have not seen our neighbors in a day maybe we should check on them and their pets. It takes 5 minutes to make that call. Be an advocate not a hermit.