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Winter weather car repairs shouldn’t be ignored

This winter has been brutal and it doesn’t matter which part of the country you are living in. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be playing favorites and has offered many states challenging weather conditions.

Road crews are treating roads with materials that can damage your car.
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Areas out west such as San Diego, CA are facing droughts. Going south to Pearland, TX you will see warm weather one day and a wintery mix the next.

Locally we are being hit with either record setting cold or multiple snow storms per week. It’s made driving hazardous and not just when it’s snowing or icy. The constant use of deicing products and plowing is causing potholes to pop up when you least expect them. Your every day commute may require you to swerve at any point to avoid driving through a pothole that might not have been there yesterday. Riding through these potholes can cause severe damage to your car.

In addition to the potholes you need to be aware of materials being used to combat the ice such as gravel, sand and ice on the roadway that can kick back and do damage to your car, especially your windshield.

This material can cause large cracks to your windshield. Or you can get smaller cracks that will grow with time if they aren’t fixed. With luck these repairs will be covered under your car insurance but even if it’s not, it is still a hazard to drive with this type of damage to your car.

You can look online for experts in this type of work for estimates you can afford and many will even come to your home to do the job. These businesses understand that cracks and breaks in your windshield mean you might have trouble even getting the car to their location. They send their team to do the job where you live to make it convenient.

While most of us are counting the days till spring but these organizations understand this time of year is a boon to their business.

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