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Winter wants to go out with a bang! Get ready!!!

The storm I have been mentioning for over a week now is still in the models.  Nothing much happens before then except cold and wind and some snow in the mountains.  There are still uncertainties with it, but it looks like a major winter storm could impact the Southeast next week between March 2 and March4.  It all depends on how quickly the northeast blizzard moves out this weekend, how much cold air can hang around, and the path and strength of the low pressure.

It looks like the area that may get the most snow from this one would be Atlanta to Charlotte and Raleigh and northward to the Appalachians.  The storm might not curve up the coast, but the Southeast should get plenty of cold and moisture from this one.  I think much of it will be as snow.  This could be our last good shot at snow, and it might be our biggest one this year.  I am ready for one big snow, and then I want spring.  Bring it on!!!


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