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Winter walking in the city

With the crazy temperatures we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks, work-out regimens falter.  Wind and cold is anything but appealing when it comes to the thought of going out for a walk or jog, which has kept many people indoor over the span of the past weeks.  On any given day that the temperature rises about 55 degrees, however, people seem happy to return to outdoor exercise and transportation by foot.  Fortunately, you can still exercise (or walk to your destination) with at least one accessory... a scarf.

I imagine each of you already wear a coat and gloves when you go out on a cold day, but a scarf could be your new best friend for the winter weather no matter why you walk.  When you cover your nose and mouth, the dry, cold air does not assault your delicate lungs.  Moisture and heat fill the space between the fabric and your face; this allows your lungs to function the way they want, and coughing/wheezing will not occur.  Asthmatics especially need to take heed in this advice, even if it is just a walk from the house to the car.

If you want to go out for exercise, remember to layer correctly as well.  Wear breathable clothing close to your skin, like Under Armour, to help keep you dry.  If you wear something heavy, sweat will become trapped between the fabric and your skin, and it will only make you colder.  On top of your breathable layer, wear fleece for insulation. Finally, wear your coat and a scarf around your face.

Get out, Birmingham (unless it's raining, of course).


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