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Winter tires in Minneapolis: Autopia is the place for all your vehicle needs

Are you treading on thin ice? The roads in Minnesota require good and safe tires. The roads during the winter season is like an obstacle course. Between potholes, ice and snow patches—tires really make their rounds. Sometimes this leads to tire blow-outs and flat tires. Are the tire treads on your vehicle worn? Autopia--is located at 2311 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55405. Schedule an appointment--call 612-377-2886.

Tire tread safety

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Driving with tires that have balding treads or low air pressure can be dangerous. This is especially true when tires are worn unevenly—this can result in alignment problems. The problems can mean replacement of tires, wheel, and having the vehicle realigned. Driving under these conditions—is compromising to passengers and others on the road..

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Autopia has experts who will place the appropriate size tires on a vehicle. Often drivers have tires that don’t fit their vehicles. This is usually because they purchase them from back alley tire dealers. Having the right tires on a vehicle makes it stable and well balanced. Autopia--is located at 2311 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55405. To schedule an appointment

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