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Winter storms keep love birds at a distance

Snow keeps lovers a part
Snow keeps lovers a part

The winter months are unpredictable, especially in St. Louis. One day it’s sunny, the next there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

What happens when a big snow storm hits and you are separated from the one you love?

Much of the country is facing wintry weather, and this means lovers everywhere are being kept a part. The roads are treacherous and there is no choice but to stay in doors. If the storm began as a couple is distanced from each other, than it is unlikely they will reunite until days later, after the snow begins to melt.

Those who find themselves in this predicament should not fear. There are solutions to feeling lonely during a winter storm.

For example, when a couple is separated, the phone becomes your best friend. You are able to talk, text, and even send pictures. This makes the couple feel more connected to each other, even while a part.

Also, using video chat programs such as Skype, will make the couple feel even closer.

Winter storms seem to suddenly turn a normal relationship into a long distance one. While the winter months pose many challenges for couples, it is important to remember snow melts and spring is right around the corner.

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