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Winter Storm Vulcan: Latest winter storm to slam snow-weary Midwest, Northeast
Winter Storm Vulcan

Winter storm Vulcan – the latest storm in what has seemed like an endless winter – is intensifying into a powerhouse blizzard, bringing large amounts of snowfall and high winds as the system pushes across the Midwest and into the Northeast.

According to the on Wednesday, the Southern Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Northeast, as well as southeast Canada are all under a winter warning today through Thursday, with significant snowfalls expected in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and Rochester. Up to 2 feet of snow is expected in Upstate N.Y., where almost all schools, government and county offices are shut down today.

“This is just another example of what this winter has been like in the Great Lakes,” said Tom Niziol from the Weather Channel. “We're going to look back on this as a historical winter, from a number of standpoints.”

Weather Underground is carrying the latest news from Vulcan for each state affected by the storm.

In Buffalo, sunny weather, nearly melted snow and temps in the 50s on Tuesday gave way to white out conditions and temperatures in the low 30s today as Vulcan settles in.

“It’ll all be a distant memory Wednesday morning as today’s springlike weather is blown out of the way by a winter storm looking so ominous forecasters have started using the ‘B’ word,” wrote the Buffalo News yesterday. “B” as in “blizzard” of course.

Occasional warm ups this winter have thus far proven to be only a tease for the Midwest and Northeast especially, as the polar vortex continues to make encore performances, blasting large swaths of the nation with sub zero temps and blowing snow.

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