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Winter Storm Pax: Catastrophic storm conditions, snow and ice cut power to U.S.

Winter Storm Pax is continuing to rage through the U.S. Southeast, bringing the potential for catastrophic storm conditions including freezing sleet and heavy snow across the region. The frigid winter weather is settling into its second wave this Wednesday, cutting power to a vast number of U.S. residents for what could be a long period of time. Wunderground News reveals this Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014, that powerful winds exceeding 30 mph were recorded today in various locales, and power outages have resulted from the bitter, freezing rain.

Winter Storm plows through U.S.
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Winter Storm Pax is just the latest cold front in what has been a series of dangerous winter storms that have barraged the Midwest, southern, and eastern areas of the U.S. in recent weeks. National weather reporters are saying that treacherous winds, poor driving conditions, and more snow and ice are expected this Wednesday and leading into tomorrow.

"Winds are gusting as over 30 miles per hour in some locations, and that combined with the ice on the trees is really ramping up the power outages," said Tom Niziol, winter weather expert for The Weather Channel. "I expect to see them become more and more widespread throughout the day."

According to the National Weather Service on the strengthening Winter Storm Pax, catastrophic conditions may be in store for some eastern and coastal residents due to the unrelenting ice buildup. The forecast has warned of “significant … and crippling ice total from Atlanta into the Carolinas and eastward along the I-20 corridor.” In the Carolinas alone, high snowfalls continuing into this Wednesday have left some areas with over 18 inches of snow accumulated from the recent storms.

So far, a minimum of eight deaths have been left in the wake of the dangerous winter weather. A total of four deaths have been blamed on the blizzards in Texas, two more in Mississippi, one in South Carolina, and another death in North Carolina from the severe cold and pounding ice.

“The press release adds that thousands of flights have been canceled this Wednesday, including full 75 percent of all flights departing from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. It is believed that this high number is only expected to reach higher percentages as winter weather conditions worsen this week.”

In addition, an estimated 325,000 people have lost power or are suffering partial power outages due to Winter Storm Pax’s latest onslaught. An anticipated time of power returning to these affected locales in the Southeast regions of the U.S. is not known at this time.

It wasn’t that long ago that Winter Storm Nika plowed its way through U.S. regions with freezing rain and heavy snowfall. It’s only hopeful that this frigid weather and cited "catastrophic conditions" will pass soon enough so that spring may arrive.

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