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Winter storm Pax arrives in North Georgia

Snow and ice predictions for Feb 11-13
Snow and ice predictions for Feb 11-13
National Weather Service

Snow, ice and freezing rain have arrived in North Georgia, thanks to Winter Storm Pax. Officials have recommended people stay off the roads while this front passes through, so stay safe and warm at the homestead with these few simple tips:

  • If you are on well water, or fear your pipes may freeze, fill the bathtub with water and keep a bucket handy for flushing the toilet.
  • If the power goes out, do not open refrigerators or freezers! They will stay cold longer than you'd think if you don't open them, thus reducing chances of spoilage. If you think it may go out, put some milk and other daily essentials in a cooler.
  • Keep cell phones charged.
  • Leave inside and outside faucets running slightly / dripping to minimize your chances of freezing.
  • Disconnect hoses from faucets and allow to drain.
  • If you are using a generator, NEVER leave it running in a confined space. This causes toxic build up of fumes and can be deadly.
  • Keep a stock of candles and flashlights on hand in case power goes out - and don't forget matches!
  • If heating by natural means, keep a good stack of firewood close to the house for easy access - this minimizes your chances of slipping on ice with an armful of logs. You don't want to be braving a trip to the ER in this weather!
  • Ensure that all outside animals have a place to get out of the snow, sleet and ice and stay warm and dry.
  • Offer extra hay to livestock, it helps them to stay warm.
  • If you absolutely have to go out, take warm clothes, water, a shovel and jump leads with you. Did you know that kitty litter is great to help with traction if you get stuck?
  • Keep an emergency radio in the house, just in case. It's important to stay up-to-date on developments.

Katy Light has a 44 acre homestead in North GA, where she raises goats, bunnies and chickens. Find her blog at She can be reached at

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