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Winter Storm Nika is coming; tips for PWD

Winter Storm Nika is en route
Winter Storm Nika is en route
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Odds are that there will be a major snow storm arriving after midnight on Wednesday. The National Weather Service has already issued a winter storm warning for 12 of the 14 counties in the state. According to local meteorologists the snow will be at it heaviest during the morning commute. Click the video in the lower right hand side for more details.

Of special interest to people with disabilities (PWD) is the fact that Stavros Center for Independent Living has already closed for Wednesday in anticipation of the storm. The Western Massachusetts Disability Examiner has lived in her apartment for over 13 years. Yet she can never recall Stavros preemptively closing for any reason but Winter Storm Nika has someone nervous. Consumers up Stavros received an automated phone notification of the closing. The Examiner in question was called around 11:16 p.m.

As always, PWD are at greater risk during extreme weather situations. Please be advised to plan for power outages and charge all assistive and supportive technology and and their backups. Remember to include your cell phone on the list of items to be charged. Before you go anywhere on Wednesday it is vital to call first to ensure the building is open and the event is happening.

Stay safe, everyone!