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Winter Storm Janus Hits Bucks County Hard

Winter storm Janus is hitting Bucks County hard. Many townships are declaring states of emergency and are speaking drivers to stay off of the roads, and social media is playing a large part in helping them.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are lighting up like a Christmas tree with posts and tweets about the storm, accumulations, and the dive home. Many people urging friends and loved ones to get home and get off of the roadways. A great number of area schools closed down in preparation for the storm and those who didn’t; let students, and staff go home early. My area businesses followed in the same manner hoping to get employees safely home.

The snow started in Newtown, Bucks County at area 9:00 am this morning and as of this, report was still coming down fast and furious. In Newtown, Bucks County, there is about 6.5 inches, 10 inches in Croydon, Philadelphia checked in with 8 inches, 6” inches in Burlington, NJ and Trenton had about 5inches. Some outlying places such as Frederick, MD already got 6 inches of the white stuff.

The morning commute was fine, but the evening commute is fast becoming a disaster, even with most people leaving work early. Trips that would normally take twenty minutes turned into hour and fifteen-minute drives. Area townships salted and tried to keep up but with the snow coming down at times, at almost an inch an hour, they couldn’t compete.

Township officials are asking the public to stay off of roadways unless it is an emergency, or you are emergency personnel for your own safety as the conditions are expected to worsen. It is just a good night to stay home with the family. Newtown Township, Newtown Borough, Bensalem Township, and Bristol Township are just a few that have already declared a state of emergency. Check with your township’s police site to see what the restrictions are in your area.

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