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Winter storm creates catch-up time for Indy record buyers

What to listen to this month
What to listen to this month

Snow-meggdon. Nuclear winter. Whatever you or the local weather people want to call the storm rolling through Indianapolis and the rest of the Midwest today one thing is for sure: most people have plenty of extra down time for listening to new records.

If you are like most record collectors, music starts to pile up. It is usually easier to head over to Luna Music or Irvington Vintage for a few minutes than it is to sit down for several hours and enjoy the spoils. Bad weather has plenty of consequences but one of the good things is trimming down the pile of vinyl you have been patiently putting off.

The first record of the day could be that new Joy Division concert release from Acme Records. The sound quality isn’t all that great but if you are a Bernard sort of person you will never hear his guitar sound better.

A recently rescued copy of Schubert’s String Quartet No. 15 will be what the Turntable Examiner spins after an intro like that. People are giving away great classical music collections all the time and it is the duty of record collectors to snatch them up and give them good homes!

Favorites and classics aside, new music is what compels most people to buy music in the first place. If you are on the search for something new and fun try the new Arcade Fire release Reflektor, Fate by Italian newcomers Soviet Soviet or last years debut from Louisiana based Brass Bed, The secret will keep you.

Stay warm and safe and try to enjoy some of those new LP’s.