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Winter Storm Alert

I hate snow, how about you?
I hate snow, how about you?
AP Press

In light of today's heavy snow fall, Ohio State is encouraging all commuting students and staff to park in parking garages instead of surface parking lots. The gate arms of all garages (except the Hospitals Garage and the 12th Avenue garage) will be open by 2:30 pm today. This will allow the school to clear the parking lots more quickly and efficiently. The gate arms will remain open until Monday morning at 12:01 am. Staff still parked in the garages at this time will be let out with no fee.

CABS will continue to be in service, although students and staffs should expect delays caused by the snow and ice.

It takes Ohio State about 24 hours to clear the roads after a heavy snow fall, so be careful out there and make sure to wear shoes with plenty of traction!