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Winter Soul Sweat Sunday January 26, 2014

Bright Blessings.

With all the cold from the polar vortex, this is a great time for a good Holistic Sweat. So it is great timing that the Winter Soul Sweat will be held on January 26th at Southfield Family Sauna & Tub. Hosted by Detroit : A Global Model City Of Wellness with Queen Afua, The Blooming Lotus Wellness Spa, Conscious Community Cooperative - C3, and Detroit Well Being Center, this is an opportunity to release and renew.

The concept of sweating for health and spiritual renewal is not new. It has been practiced for a many centuries in different forms and in various cultures. What makes the Soul Sweat different is that it is the creation and innovation of Queen Afua and her husband Baaba Heru. It is a process he developed to

"healing process of using hot and cold to create an explosion in the veins and arteries to create better circulation throughout the body and to begin to remove blockages from the muscles, the joints and the skin"

Using Queen Afua's teas, mixtures, clay treatments, and other techniques along with prayer, the participants are in for a truly whole person experience designed to unburden the body and the mind.

They ask that you bring

"A bathing suit or swim trunks
Cover up (lappa, sarong, tee shirt, shorts, ect.
*For modesty, ladies and men must cover up *
Flip flops
Your gemstones
You baggage
And an open heart and mind"

The events fee is $50.00 per person. To reserve your space you can go to to book with Danyelle Claxton.

Get your sweat on.

Blessed Be.

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